What happens if products hang up and don’t fall into the dispensing tray?

The dispenser has iVend technology. There are light beams crisscrossing the tray. If the light beam is not broken by a falling product the coil will continue to inch forward until the product falls then immediately stop before vending a 2nd product.

We have fragile products, won’t they break?

The tray is padded. We have successfully dispensed Nitro Glycerin bottles from the top row without breakage. We suggest that small vials and syringes be placed in clear padded envelopes. We have termed these parrots and have a parrot return as an option on the machine so that these can be reused. We also suggest that you consider the order of items dispensed. It is better to dispense heavier items before small or fragile items.

Where can I buy the Parrots?

We recommend Healthcare Logistics. Please follow the links below to the two types of bags that are currently in use.

7618-10 – Single Tube Transport Bubble Bag
7630-50 – Zip-It Bubble Bag

What are Scheduled Controlled Substances?

The US Department of Justice-Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) classifies substances into “schedules”. The types that are routinely administered by EMTs are Schedule II Narcotic Analgesics (ie morphine and fentanyl) and Schedule IV Benzodiazepines (ie valium, versed and ativan). More information may be found at the US Department of Justice-Drug Enforcement Agency’s website.