CAP 3 Refrigerated Dispensing Machine

Small footprint refrigerated dispenser with same the great features as the CAP 5 with the capacity to store products at controlled temperature levels.

iQ Technology

iQ Technology’s cloud-based operating system provides medical administrators with real-time inventory control management and data and reporting capabilities.

Custom Branded

UCapIt machines can be uniquely branded by fully wrapping the machine with high resolution customized graphics.

Flexible Platform

UCapIt’s flexible platform allows the machine to be configured for direct interface by employee by numeric pin code or multiple badge reader interface options or retail payment options for cash, debit/credit card, and mobile payment options.

Guaranteed Vend Sensor

The Guaranteed Vend Sensor ensures that items are dispensed. If a product does not pass through the infra-red sensor for any reason the machine will know the user did not receive their product. The machine will then attempt to dispense the product a second time.

High Capacity, Rapid Dispensing

UCapIt machines dispense a variety of pharmaceutical and medical supply SKU’s within seconds and can accommodate up to two satellite machines for additional capacity.

Manufactured in the USA

UCapIt machines are constructed of quality steel, utilize high-end components, and are manufactured in the U.S.A. (May include U.S. and imported components) at IDS’ production facility in Des Moines, IA.

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30 Standard
Configurable up to 30 Items

Standard Configuration:

412 Items
Capacity varies with tray configurations.


Web based Reporting Software

Electrical Requirements:

Domestic: 115 VAC/60Hz, 7.0 AMPS
With Heated Glass: 115 VAC/60Hz, 8.0 AMPS
International: 230 VAC/50Hz, 3.5 AMPS


Height 72″ (183 cm)
Width 29-5″ (75 cm)
Depth 38″ (96.5 cm)

Shipping Weight:

725 lbs.

Standard Features:

iVend® Delivery Sensor System
LED Lighting
Heated Glass (On/Off Option)
Temperature Monitoring with Thermostat
Temperature Controlled


Black, Blue or Red (Custom colors available at extra charge)


Optional Point of Interface (Prox, RFID, Card Reader, Mag Stripe, Biometric, Bar Code)
High Security Package
Personalized logo on your web reporting site
Cellular Modem Networking


Ethernet Networking


Intelligent Control System

State-of-the-art control system allows secure web based interface for 24/7 real-time reporting of transactions.

Durable Shelves

Configurable to almost any package size in the field with no need for tools
Full selection (5-3/4”W) 3/4 selection (4-5/16”W) Single selection (2-7/8”W)

High Security Lock with Optional Electronic Operation

Allows restricted access for restocking and service via individually coded keys.

Extra Large Delivery Port

Even large packages are accessible through the extra large delivery port.

Durable Cabinet and Door Construction

Uniquely designed and constructed from 20 gauge steel, UCapIt Dispensers feature fully welded seams and internal bracing for long term reliable service.

Electronic Display

Communicates all dispensing and programming data to technicians and managers.

Standard Secondary Port

For static instruction or secondary input modules.

PIN Number

PIN Number

Use individual ID number, trip number, stocking number.

Proximity Card Reader

Proximity Card Reader

Use your current proximity card issued for other areas or access.

Bar Code Scanner

Bar Code Scanner

Reads ID from your current system bar code badges or ID’s.

Biometric (Fingerprint) Reader

Biometric (Fingerprint) Reader

Reads finger print already stored in your system.