UCapIt Software

Today more than ever hospitals, EMS providers and other healthcare organizations are challenged to provide a higher quality of patient care while reducing operating costs and facing increased regulatory requirements and patient volume. UCapIt provides an innovative, yet simple, solution to a persistent problem. Through cloud-based technology and an intuitive, easy to use software platform, UCapIt increases employee productivity and provides management with real-time analytics in order to make data-driven executive-level decisions.


Web-based central controls allow access by personnel from multiple locations for both redemption and return. UCapIt offers the flexibility to program the software to interface with any barcode/prox reader/pin pad /mag stripe reader already in use by client organizations. UCapIt’s cloud based inventory and tracking system, grants viewing and reporting capabilities to authorized users.


UCapIt provides users with a dashboard on the homepage that makes it easy for hospital administrators or laundry personnel to get quick information including:

  • System health
  • Dispense overview
  • Last seven (7) days

Software Features:

  • Cloud-based database access 24/7
  • Automated real-time inventory and management reporting
  • Restrictions
  • Guaranteed vend delivery verification sensors


UCapIt allows administrators to set limits on the number of items a user may take out at a time. Once the user hits that limit the user must return an item(s) before access is returned. Restrictions on usage can be adjusted on a departmental level by authorized administrators and multiple alert options are available via e-mail to multiple individuals based upon client established criteria. Reports include, but are not limited to:

  • Usage Summary
  • Inventory Consumption
  • Comparative Usage by Time
  • Transactions
  • Restock Summary
  • Par Optimization
  • Item Turnover Rate
  • Inventory Totals
  • Discrepancy Report

Customize it.

For hospitals with specific needs, or for administrators who want to more completely integrate the UCapIt software with the institutions’ systems, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions can work with you to customize the software.

Software Features

Cloud-based tracking

Web-based interface

Real-time inventory control

Customizable alerts

Efficient management

Exportable management reports

Bilingual communication capability

Custom software available

An optional video record of each deposit

Guaranteed delivery verification sensors