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During various visits by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, they have noted that they are impressed with how Jackson Township Fire uses the machine to control access to supplies. The UCapIt machine is the future of where EMS inventory control is headed, as everyone needs to watch expenses and inventory closely, to better adhere to budgets and departmental expectations.

Jackson Township Fire Department (Ohio)
William Dolby, EMS Captain
Jackson Township Fire Department (Ohio)

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Littleton has had their CAP dispenser for over two years and would be happy to share their success with you.
They are very creative at Littleton. This machine is used for controlled substance restocking for the EMS vehicles. But we are told they actually put a few snacks in the bottom row so the EMS staff can also get a yummy snack with their ID. We doubt the wives are getting automatic email alert notifications when their dieting husbands get a snack in the middle of the shift… but it’s possible to do. We can be as transparent as you want.
Wayne M. Zygowicz, the EMS Chief at Littleton Fire Rescue in Colorado (and JEMS blog author) shared this photo with us of Firefighter Tim Urban running his prox card through the CAP dispenser.

Littleton Fire Rescue
Wayne M. Zygowicz, EMS Chief
Littleton Fire Rescue