What is your issue?

  • Do you know what your pharmacy inventory is today?
  • How many people have access to your pharmacy?
  • If you had an internal shortage problem would you know who accessed the pharmacy?
  • Are controlled drugs available to techs without the proper level of training?
  • Are your perishable items being used in a First In First Out manner?
  • How do you audit your Pharmacy Supplies today?

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    See the dispensing solutions available for reducing your control issues.

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    It’s more than just a medical vending machine. CAP is a unique solution to today's challenge of controlling your pharmacy access, tracking inventory and dispensing products according to access protocol.

    The CAP empowers EMS professionals to instantly access and restock their units 24/7 through whichever ID protocol is currently being used: pin number, proximity card reader, bar code ID scanner, and biometric (fingerprint) reader or even a combination. All withdrawals are cataloged, time stamped and regulated through the authority level of each person allowed to access these machines. It’s automatic! You can even have an email notification sent to management every time a controlled substance is dispensed. One person with a laptop and internet access anywhere in the world can manage a host of CAP machines at different locations.

    U-Cap-It In The News

    Newspaper Article
    The Coluimbus Dispatch
    Columbus, Ohio
    Aug. 19, 2014